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Terms of Service

paw bullet What You Should Know --

  • Provision of Content: Nobody knows your business like you do. Therefore, unless otherwise arranged, the client is responsible to provide content for the website, and for all expenses associated with delivery and return of materials.

  • Client Selection: Because sometimes the design of a website involves privileged information, we will not knowingly work for competing businesses or organizations. If there is doubt, we may consult an existing client before accepting a project for a new client.

  • Adult Content: We will not accept a project involving adult content. It is solely up to our discretion as to what is considered adult content.

paw bullet Pricing & Payments --

  • Website Updates & Additions: the hourly rate for all authorized work on your website is $40, billable by the half hour. This includes all production and publication details: html, graphics, other media, scripting, and file management

  • Technical Assistance: the hourly rate for all authorized technical assistance is $15, billable by the half hour. This includes any consulting and training associated with your website, and communication/research with your host, registrar, or other third party involving work on your website

  • Expenses: reimbursement is expected for all authorized expenses incurred on your behalf-including tools, fonts, and artwork procured by prior agreement for my possession, needed for work on your website

Please make checks payable to Rob Noren, or submit payments via PayPal to noren@warepig.com

paw bullet Copyright & Ownership Policies --

  • Copyright It is our practice not to claim any copyright on the work we do for you, although we do reserve the right to show off that work in a complimentary manner.

  • Ownership: We provide a master document for your records, containing all the administrative and technical information we collect for your website and e-mail accounts. Apart from being pretty handy in a crisis, this assures you that you have all the information a competent webmaster would need to access and maintain your website.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you! paw

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