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WarePig offers website design, webmastering, custom graphics, and training & consulting. We specialize in designing and maintaining websites that are fast loading, browser neutral, and easy to maintain. With the content you provide and your standards of success in mind, we build eye-catching and informative websites that look right and work right from any platform.

Call at (918) 258-4854--ask for Rob--or e-mail us for more information.

paw bullet Website Design --

Our sites are always purposefully organized, impressive looking, and easy to use, according to your needs. We begin each project from the ground up-never starting with standard templates, and cookie cutter styles.

  • Complete Websites: original designs of all sizes and scopes, or converting your vision into pixels.

  • Single Web Pages: splash screens with your logo and content info, or something more detailed in one web page

  • Simple Web Documents: resumés, vita's, academic papers
Heritage Bible Church, Sample Design
Typical Website
Epic Literary, Sample Design
Typical Single Web Page
Charlemagne Resume, Sample Design
Resumé Sample
  • Graphical Facelift: give your existing website a new look--keeping the same organization if you are doing well in the search engines, or changing it around if you are not.

  • Website Rescue: unfortunately, sometimes website owners need help rescuing their websites from the control of uncooperative webmasters and hosts. Working with trusted associates, we can often regain full control on your behalf.

Webmastering --

Good website design doesn't end when the site is published. A webmastering agreement covering routine maintenance and monitoring may be arranged for WarePig designs. In addition to minor changes & additions to your site and technical assistance, webmastering includes: updating keywords and copyright information, checking search engines results, tweaking your pages for faster loading or better search engine results, verifying links, and other services.

For sites we don't design, we offer hourly rates for content updates, and other website work.

paw bullet Custom Graphics & Scanning --

We offer a variety of graphics services and scanning for print and for the web.

  • Website Graphics Packs & Templates
  • Website Banners & Advertisements
  • Flash Presentations
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Repair
  • Domain Name Acquisition & Maintenance
  • Desktop Backgrounds
  • Photo Correction
  • Icons

paw bullet Consulting & Training --

If you want to maintain your own website, we provide on-site training in the Tulsa area, and e-mail coaching all around the world. If you choose, we can include specific design elements into your website for the easy addition of new content in the future. We also offer training in basic html and in running a good e-mail mailing list.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you! paw bullet

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